Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

Hello! Happy Tuesday to you all! Maybe it is because I have not had the energy to make a whole lot of anything lately, but I absolutely had a BLAST making these new wooden buttons!

I bought some 25mm wood buttons from Etsy....oh, who knows how long ago.....and there I was standing at the kitchen bar listening to my hubby gripe talk about how messy the bar was and I had this idea! Ok, so really, it was an idea on how to REALLY show him what a mess was! But none the less and idea was born! And behold! Embellished wood buttons, sealed with resin! Perfect for using in, well, whatever your little heart desires! I saw them used in jewelry designs 'cause that just happens to be where my brain leads me!!

I could, of course, use some feedback on these and if you could see them used in anything. I am secretly hoping you like them and you have this great epiphany and fall in LOVE with them, as you see.....I really want to make MORE!

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