Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby Food Chandelier

Hello all! I frequently check my sidebar and my Feedjit to see where people come from to get here on my blog. While doing that, I came across THIS site. And ON that site I saw this chandelier.....not sure what it was about it, the way it looks, that it is made from recycled parts and pieces, the organic, slightly medieval look to it??? Anyway, I am smitten! And I wanna add this to my ever growing larger things to make list! Just wanted to share my crafting ADD with you all today.

The days are getting closer to Christmas and my husband and I are realizing that we are NOT as far ahead of the game as we would like to be with gift shopping, mailing, decorating, grocery shopping, menu planning, etc, etc...... Wish us a lot of luck! The past few years this time of year I was a stay at home kinda mommy.....this year, well, you all know I am not, so factor in the full-time nursing job and we have crazy hectic, "Oh no! Really? It's NEXT week? Argggg!" syndrome going on. So much for being on the ball! Lesson learned! :)

Take care! Have a great day! Watch the weather if you are in the Missouri area......I'm not too sure even the weather forecasters know where this storm is heading! Ta ta!

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Marisa Hopkins said...

Oh that is SOOOOO awesome!! I want to make one, too!!!


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