Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello December

Hello! And welcome to the last month of 2010! Where did it go? I am pretty sure that I just started my new job yesterday, you know right after we got back from our Florida vacation......what? That was in JUNE you say? WOW!

It is time to get the holiday shopping nose-to-the-grindstone in gear! I need to purchase some Christmas, yesterday!

Oh yeah. And that little thing called The New Year will be here soon to. Got to make way for that! Do I really have to make the same resolution that I make and fail at every year? I think it is time for a change! Any ideas?

I will say that we are changing up our Christmas day a little here on the homestead. I will tell you a little secret! Some of you might NOT approve, but with that being said, I will tell you we are doing VERY little cooking that day. My mother, my husband, my daughter and I are having our dinner made and my mother is picking it up on her way in Christmas Day. We are ordering THIS, and adding a ham and our favorite holiday casseroles! Easy Peasy and we ALL get to enjoy the day without slaving in the kitchen. We always go to my husbands families residence on Christmas Eve and stuff ourselves. It is also tradition to have a breakfast of cinnamon rolls while opening presents! We used to do Christmas Eve fondue with my family in the Northwest along with a day of sea kayaking on Puget Sound.........those were the days! How I miss those times!

This year my two lovely nephews will be going to New Zealand with their father to see his family! And my sister is going to Cabo San Lucas (yes, lets string her up now) for her holidays!

What are your plans? And what are some of your traditions? I would LOVE to hear about them!

Happy first day of December to you all! Let us all make the last month memorable! Take care!

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