Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Goal, By Madelyn

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Hello all! Happy 2011! Well, here it is Sunday. The holiday break is almost over. I go back to work tomorrow, Tim goes back Tuesday and Madelyn goes back to school Wednesday.

Today while watching TV an ASPCA commercial came on. I am not sure if I have stated before, but my little one is VEERRRY sensitive! AND and animal lover. So, during the commercial came LOTS of questions, tears, fear and more questions. I answered them truthfully and with as much tact as so not to scare the dickens out of her. Basically I said that as much as we as a family are animal lovers, some animals can not find families that would care for them as we would and some get hurt and go hungry, etc....

Madelyn then ran off the find her old Halloween candy bucket. She sat down with card stock and glitter glue and made a sign that said "ASPCA". She states that after it dries she will attach it to her bucket. Her decision is to take her commission that she earns through household chores, good deeds, and good grades and split it between her piggy bank and the ASPCA Halloween bucket, and at the end of the year donate what she has saved to the organization!

Not sure what I was doing when I was 5 years old, but I don't think it was saving and donating money to help animals! I am one proud mommy!

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