Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The "L" List

Hello all! The "L" List. It could either stand for Love or Leslie....I have not decided yet. But one thing is for is modeled after Oprah's "O" List. Things I find, and like or love, I will be randomly showing off here!
First up this Wednesday is a BEAUTIFUL vintage dress from Etsy. I would post the link, but......I bought it the minute I saw it. I am searching for a Vintage or Antique mannequin or dress form for my bedroom as a piece of art and dual use for jewelry pictures/display. This was one of the Google results looking for it. I LOVED it right away and the price was fantastic. My gift from me-to-me for the holidays or a celebration of my weight loss......don't know which one, but who cares, I can justify buying it either way! :) I am just good that way.....HA!
Got some purtties you want to share with me? Something I might Like or Love and add to my "L" list???? Send it my way! I am ALWAYS up for new things! Enjoy!

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