Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Answer And Winner!

In answer to yesterday's Game Time question:

Yes.....Aquaman and Barbie were in the middle of a "Love Tango" yesterday morning when I stumbled in the bathroom half asleep......hmmm, they DO know that this is a child's bathtub right? My husband says he did not do it, so by deductive reasoning, it had to be Madelyn. She told me he had rescued her! I am not even sure WHERE Aquaman came from! Hmmmm...

Thank you to all those who participated! I LOVED all the answers!! They made me giggle.....the bead answers especially! The winner is: Releases by Rufydoof (Karyn) who said, "I am going to guess Barbie and Ken being rather friendly. I hope that isn't too rude but it was the ''doing'' comment you made that had me wonder!" And NO it was not too rude! Very funny in fact!

Karyn, feel free to contact me using my email listed on my blog and let me know which winners item you prefer and a shipping address! Congratulations on a wonderful guess!! Great job everyone! I will do this again soon! I had a lot of fun! :)

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1 comment:

somethingunique said...

LOL! Leslie thats too funny,i guess my non-guess was way off, hee hee. Have a great day!


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