Monday, March 14, 2011

Random Monday Thoughts...

*I could not think of a post so this is it
*I am loving the way my shop looks
*I have better pictures with my new camera, obviously, and love the shop photos
*I truly, TRULY enjoy making the new components for the is like therapy!
*I have had 2 new medicine changes and they have helped me tremendously!!!
*I apparently, according to the nurse practitioner, have been living in an allergy fog for years and I am now on Omnaris nasal spray and feel like a new person!
*That and Abilify and I think I might be able to climb the mountain of every day life without having to run back to bed for 10-12 hours a day!!
*I feel blessed that two great co-workers have asked me to make their wedding jewelry :)
*I am also ecstatic that I was granted my first request for my annual leave at work! Florida, here we come!
*MOST important Random Thought....I truly appreciate you all that stop by and read my blog! The feeling is fantastic when I get comments and also look at my "feed" and see where you all come from! Thank you!

Happy Monday!!!

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Lorelei Eurto said...

Yippee for meds!!
Your shop and photos ARE looking totally fantastic. Nice work. I love all of the new components! might need to snag that owl pendant. :)

Marian Hertzog said...

Nice to hear positive and thankful thoughts!

sharon said...

Yay for feeling good! Your shop looks great!

Leslie Gidden said...

Thank you sll for stopping by and leaving comments! Thank you Lorelei for liking my new components too! The owl pendant has your name all over it!! :)


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