Monday, March 7, 2011

Flickr Group

Hello all! I thought since I jumped out of my comfort zone and decided to open up my Etsy Shop and add some new handmade components that I would also start a Flickr Group......Made With Mad Maggie Designs. It is a group open to the public to add photos of any designs or creations that they made with my handmade components! Heck, I might not even get one photo added, but it sounded like fun to me since I add stuff to Flickr groups all the time! So go and join and show off your stuff!

Okay.......On a heavier note, I received word Sunday evening that one of my clients from my favorite ward at the State Hospital, where I work, passed away moments ago . She was out of our facility in a local rehabilitation center for rehab on a total knee replacement. Totally unexpected, and like a blow to my chest! She will be dearly missed....she was actually one client that I was comfortable telling during my shift that I loved her. She had just colored her hair before her surgery the same color as mine....she even had me write down what company and color number from the box so her social worker could purchase the color for her. She kept saying she needed to color over the gray and she loved my hair color, and it looked GREAT on her! She also had JUST received permission from her case worker to purchase a Mother's Pendant from me to make for her. My favorite memory will be that she called me "Miss Lovely", it started out "Miss Leslie" and moved to Miss Lovely one day.......that was her nickname for me, and I can still hear her voice in my head calling me that. I am an advocate for the mentally ill and she spent most of her entire life in the forensic system......not much of a life for her, and she was at our facility as a huge step toward being released and/or for placement to be found one day, and I HATE that this was the way she left us.......a blood clot! She will be missed! Thank you all for bearing with me while I got that all out!

Have a great Monday all! :)

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Barbara Lewis said...

Oh, Leslie, I'm sorry you're experiencing this. But just remember that your days with her were some of her last and most likely some of the best she'd had in recent memory. It sounds as though she had a real impact on you which indicates to me that you had the same on her. She went to heaven having experienced your love.

somethingunique said...

Good Morning Leslie,my sympathy for the loss of your dear friend,and god bless you for the work that you do.ttfn Lana

Leslie Gidden said...

Thank you both so much for the very kind words. I am on a break right now at work on the said ward I spoke has been a very hard couple of hours. I appreciate your comments more than you know! Thank you SO much again!

Much Love,

Gaea said...

I am so sorry for your loss. You guys had a special relationship.


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