Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dear Tooth-Fairy,

My baby girl lost her first tooth! She is so excited to get to use her tooth-fairy pillow that I bought her when she was a newborn, anticipating that this day would come.....5 1/2 years later! Mommy and Daddy are excited and sad at the same time. Madelyn really hopes you come tonight and bring her some Squinkies! We have told her that when you came to see us as children we only got a quarter! Tooth-fairy inflation I guess! We will see you tonight! Thank you for taking care of our little ones first tooth!

Tim and Leslie

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Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

Ugh, the tooth fairy. She and I didn't get along. If you want to read a funny post from 2008 I've added a link. I hope you have better luck with her than I did! :O)

somethingunique said...

Hi Leslie,aww...thats so sweet my son Jack is 15 now and it just seems like yesterday that he lost his first tooth, my time goes by so fast cherish these moments ttfn Lana


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