Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Happy Day

Hello all!! Yesterday I tried once again to look up on Facebook any old friend that I had lost touch with. Two in fact! And, I found them!! I have tried before, but without success!! Oh my gosh! One was my best friend Dianna! We met at work, a country and western bar, we were both attending the local college and working as bartenders/waitresses at night to support ourselves. She eventually moved in next door to me at the same trailer court we were renting from. Heavens, we were all just 21 and 23 ears of age! Youngins! She moved to Spokane Washington just a couple of years later and we kept in touch for years, but lost touch during that time too. This had to be 1994!!?? Seems like decades!

I am just so emotional over finding her again! Wow, I know some people either love Facebook or hate it, but seriously, it is moments like this that I think it is genius! Thank you Facebook!

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Catherine said...

Isn't that wonderful. My best find was a gal I studied abroad with over 30 years ago. We were roomies and hitchhiked through Spain together. I had tried to find her for years. Found her sister on facebook and a few months later was on vacation near her home by coincidence. Went to visit and still makes me cry thinking about it.


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